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9 May 2011 in Uncategorized


Ha! Over in the UK the Office of Government Control spent a lot of money paying a designer to come up with a new, sexay logo for them. The OGC is kinda like the U.S. Government Accountability Office, except I don’t know if they ignore their recommendations as much ‘cross the pond. Well, the press had a field day with that logo, as you can imagine. Just tilt your head to the left about 90-degrees, and picture the letters as a ‘stick figure’ man. Or transvestite.


They had a shitload of mousepads, coffee mugs, all sorts of things printed up for promotional purposes. I’m not sure, but you may still be able to find them on Ebay. I don’t now what the copyright issues are if I were to produce this shirt, but afaik, ‘fair use’ and ‘parody’ covers quite a lot, especially since the whole “The Fighting American is completely different from Captain America” thing that went down back in the day.



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Hoon it up! Everyone who has a computer and spends any appreciable time online and is into anything about cars should know what ‘Hoon’ means. If not, go read some wikipedia.  I wanted to take a song bit that was on an old Budweiser commercial and adapt it into a full length song. I finally obtained a clip of the actual music, it went something like “come on and raise it up” and was a pretty badass rock tune that they ruined with a voiceover. Some advertising agency made it up, so I’m sure parody would fall under ‘fair use’ for expanding it into a full song with my own lyrics. I tried to hack up the song snippet with audacity and blend something together, but I haven’t been able to do so successfully. Oh well, onward, into the future!

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Catcher In The Rye

5 May 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design



In honor of Cinco de Mayo! I present to you, The Catcher In The Rye! Be safe out there, beware of phonies!

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STOP Redflex

4 May 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design



STOP Redflex! Man, do I hate these bastards. You should too, they come into town spinning tales of millions of dollars in profits under the guise of “safety.” Red Light Cameras are a SCAM, and when these thieves actually follow the law, their illegal systems are NOT economically viable.  I went to some of the ‘informational meetings’ a couple years back and we scared Redflex out of Canton, Ohio. If you fight back hard and fast enough, you can show these liars that it would be too much trouble to steal YOUR local dollars. They will run from your town with their tails between their legs if you get enough residents fired up and speaking out against the systems at their ‘informational meetings.’

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Phone Sex

3 May 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design


Phone Sex! I did this one time when I was working as an hourly shift manager at KFC. What?!? NO! Not that way! I actually held two phones, a cellphone and a landline up to each other and both parties could hear each other. Yeesh, y’all have some filthy minds.


Speaking of Phone-stuff, I got a new book recently ‘Phone Losers of America’ and it’s pretty hilarious. It’s put out by @rbcp and I gave him some pre-publishing opinion on the cover for the book.  You can also check out the Phone Losers of America website if you’re looking for some laughs.


Okay, my work here is done.


Armadillos Anonymous

2 May 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design


Tired of every Armadillo knowing your business? Join Armadillos Anonymous, Always Another Alliteration Around Anytime!

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Road Warrior(s)

29 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design


It’s Friday again, so here’s a double design update! This whole week has been designs that I’ve made through browsing the extensive clipart section of BlueCotton.com’s flash design tool. I think I have enough designs on tap to last through next week carrying on the same theme. Anyway, I found the tank images and thought it would be cool to have a road warrior type theme, and the RV was the first vehicle that made sense. Then I did one with the same theme but with a semi-truck. Enjoy!




Unicorns On Steroids

28 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design


Unicorns On Steroids! Kind of an awesome theoretical band name, but just look at those totally *BUFF* unicorns! It’s unnatural! I think syringes would be a little over the top for a family friendly shirt. I designed this shirt with my nephews and niece, but their mom vetoed ordering it for them. I think it’s awesome and may get some in adult sizes so they can have some cool shirts to wear when they finally reach adulthood!

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Plane Vomit

27 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design



Today’s update is “Plane Vomit!” C’mon, doesn’t it look like that plane went on a bender and is now vomiting people out the side of it’s mouth?!? Well, I thought it was clever…

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26 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design


I Smell BACON! Everyone remembers the classic “Beggin’ Strips” commercial, and hope they can forget the newer version. Well, one day while at my brother’s house the next town over, my sister in law commented that the police car was coming down their street.
So I launched into a slightly modified version of the Beggin’ Strips dog monologue, went something like this: “I smell bacon! There’s only one thing in the world that smells like bacon and that’s BACON! Yummy, chewy, crunchy, BACON! There, in that CAR, what does it say? I can’t REEEEEAD! It’s BACON!!!”


Well, my sister in law started laughing and continued so hard that she literally fell. On her ass. Laughing.


Hope you like the shirt.

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