26 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design


I Smell BACON! Everyone remembers the classic “Beggin’ Strips” commercial, and hope they can forget the newer version. Well, one day while at my brother’s house the next town over, my sister in law commented that the police car was coming down their street.
So I launched into a slightly modified version of the Beggin’ Strips dog monologue, went something like this: “I smell bacon! There’s only one thing in the world that smells like bacon and that’s BACON! Yummy, chewy, crunchy, BACON! There, in that CAR, what does it say? I can’t REEEEEAD! It’s BACON!!!”


Well, my sister in law started laughing and continued so hard that she literally fell. On her ass. Laughing.


Hope you like the shirt.

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26 April 2011 Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design

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