6 May 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design



Hoon it up! Everyone who has a computer and spends any appreciable time online and is into anything about cars should know what ‘Hoon’ means. If not, go read some wikipedia.  I wanted to take a song bit that was on an old Budweiser commercial and adapt it into a full length song. I finally obtained a clip of the actual music, it went something like “come on and raise it up” and was a pretty badass rock tune that they ruined with a voiceover. Some advertising agency made it up, so I’m sure parody would fall under ‘fair use’ for expanding it into a full song with my own lyrics. I tried to hack up the song snippet with audacity and blend something together, but I haven’t been able to do so successfully. Oh well, onward, into the future!

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