What Brizzly, TweetDeck, Twitter, (and Google Wave) need to flourish.

7 February 2010 in Do Want, New Media Tools, Social Media Musing, Uncategorized

These services need to bring all the conversations together. Twitter faced a huge backlash because they stopped showing all @ replies in everyone else’s streams.

But they need to offer the ability link and display the @ system, so that when one post references a specific post of another user, you can click it and read the entire conversation. You should also be able to link string-posts together, so that those commentators who wish to be more complex can be, within the existing framework.

http://twitter.com/raymondpirouz is one of those users who speak in disjointed sentences, and the strings are always worth reading. He’s basically blogging/commenting on news directly on twitter.

This kind of feature would encourage conversations. I would even consider PAYING (a non-exorbitant sum, monthly) for this feature, and anyone who knows me knows I’m a cheap bastard.

Giving the originator of the conversation the ability to trim, or delete comments that are just spam, allowing notification of new posts in the conversation, all of this goes hand in hand with the new proposed functionality.

Imagine a hybrid Google Wave/Twitter/Chat/Forum. I don’t know if this would mechanically be feasible, but it would be quite addictive. Allowing the originators of the conversations to be the moderators would free up the services to concentrate on the framework and running of the backbone of the service.

You would also see a bunch of B.S. There would be plenty of closed off threads where pricks would delete any conversation that didn’t agree with them, but the most popular twitterers would obviously allow a great diversity of opinions and fun or hilarious commentary to flourish.

This is what I see the future of twitter or Google Wave being, not only a comment-on-the-issues, but the ability to start and link threads of serious discussions, limited or unlimited in number of participants.

I tweeted about three months ago that The Internet is a Chatroom: “Okay, twitter is basically a chatroom, Google Wave (need invite please!) is a chatroom that you can replay. Is this the entire internet now?” but I believe it could be SO much more. I have my Google Wave Invite, so can I please get this functionality? @Brizzly?… @Google?… @Anyone?

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