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23 February 2010 in Uncategorized


I decided to hand-draw some business / social contact cards. I caught upon the idea of numbering each one and making each card a unique design. Some are better than other ones, and I may eventually get some real cards printed up with my actual artwork on them (once I get the time, money, and inclination). I had an idea of making a design for Cheques since I’ll need to order some for my bank account soon. I have to figure out a great way to incorporate some of the characters and the url of my webcomic, then I’ll put the file up in case anyone wants a free design for their cheques! Yes, I use the Canadian/England spelling for Cheque, it avoids any confusion as to precisely what I mean, so deal with it.


I figure the amount of time I spent on these, sketching them, inking them, and coloring them in with highlighters will prevent people who don’t need/want them from taking them, or at least feel guilty about throwing them away eventually!
I’ve given these away in Atlanta (at the last get-together over breakfast at Sweet Melissa’s when I was down there for Joe Peacock’s New  Mentally Incontinent Book Release) and also at the 1st Podcamp Cleveland Planning Meeting.  I’ve got some more designs in the works, and I’ll put them up here before I tear them apart and start passing them around!

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23 February 2010 Uncategorized

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