Counterfeit Nike

25 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design



Counterfeit Nike! I’m sure this falls under parody. So I’m not all that worried about getting sued. My best bud Eric really liked this design when I showed it to him, who knows, he might be able to wear it eventually.

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Too Drunk To Tweet

22 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design


Too Drunk To Tweet! A take on the total classic ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ in future-tastic fonting. Shaddup, I’m on a Rollo! Today is a special Double Update because it’s Friday, AND I wanted to add some birds and a bottle to this to increase the Shweeetness!


So here be ye bonus, Aaaarrrggh!


Screwed up slightly, the birds, bottle and spill would obviously get changed to a gold color, or the Text to a bright yellow so we’d have 1-color printing to keep costs down. Hope you like them (all 1 of you who accidentally clicked my link *NOT* strictly  looking for porn).


In case you haven’t noticed, this week’s theme has been TWITTER! All things involving twitter or tweets I’ve made or the service itself. I’m sure if I paid for http://www.favstar.fm service I could see quite a bit more of my old tweets people have favorited to riff off of and make awesome shirts. That’s it for now.


Have a good weekend then!

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Strategic National Tweet Reserve

21 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design

Strategic National Tweet Reserve

Strategic National Tweet Reserve! Where all your tweets are belong to us! Tweet like a national treasure, let the world know! They had a sale on exclamation points! I’m going to eventually get a gallery going of these or put up some polls, so check back every once in a while to inflate my pageviews! Thank you!

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Wheelchair Zombie !

20 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design

Wheelchair Zombies

Wheelchair Zombies! What do you never see in horror movies? Differently abled monsters! C’mon, how can I be the only one seeing the distinct lack of scary, tension building possibilities? Like all handicapped are too slow to outrun the shambling undead? Stereotype, I’ve got your mother of all on the phone! In all seriousness, I never claimed any of my designs were going to be at all tasteful. So enjoy!

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Twitter Ate My Brains !

19 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design

Twitter Ate My Brains


Twitter Ate My Brains ! Zombie Bird ! The red is what gives it away. I really like this design but the many colors involved make it a bit more complex and pricey. Probably going to order this eventually for myself. Plus any friends that want to toss in for producing this awesome shirt!

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I <3 Puns !!!

18 April 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, Tshirt Design


I <3 Puns! I couldn’t believe no one has made this shirt yet! Mine! ALL MINE!!! I told @uncacheable he could use the “I <3 Puns” idea that I came up with while tweeting, but he used an actual heart instead of the sideways net-speak code. So, want this shirt? Just let me know in the comments!

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PCCLV11 Podcamp Cleveland 2011 Badges

24 March 2011 in Do Want, My Designs, New Media Tools, Social Media Musing


Here are my designs for the Podcamp Cleveland 2011 badges! Feel free to go to Flickr  and download the images to put them on your webpage and let people know that you are attending #PCCLV11  !!!














Simply click on your favorite and download the picture, load it to your website and link it back to http://www.podcampcleveland.com !!! Hope to see you there!

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20 October 2010 in My Designs, Shoe Design


I really like this design as well.  Sharp lines and the chaotic crisscross of the laces.  I mean, yeah, it sucks because I drew it, but think of what any competent artist could do with a design like this!



18 October 2010 in My Designs, Shoe Design


This one has kind of a mean face design inspired front, kind of like how most cars are designed these days.  When one or two evil eyes simply will not do.  Express your displeasure by wearing these.


Block Boat

13 October 2010 in Uncategorized


Okay, boating shoe or no boating shoe.  This isn’t the best design in the world, but they all can’t be winners! I’ll take a moment at the end of these shoe designs.  When I’ve exhausted my cache of images, and explain my design process on this part of the project.  So stay tuned (for a long while).